Release Notes


Device information and profile updates - November 14, 2023

Restrictions profile update

We added the “Allow near–field communications (NFC)” key.

Passcode policy profile update

We added the “Minutes until failed login reset” key.

Device details information 

  • We added the “EID” field to Service Subscription information.
  • The “Last Seen” column is now more precise.

New automated enrollment setting, Service configuration files - November 8, 2023

Configure a minimum OS version requirement during automated enrollment

Admins can now configure a minimum OS version requirement when a device enrolls through automated enrollment. When a device performs the initial MDM check-in during Setup Assistant and the device does not meet the specified version, users will see a prompt indicating that an update is necessary and be presented with a timer for an automatic restart to install the update. Once the update is complete, they will be able to proceed with the enrollment and finish Setup Assistant.

This option can be configured under the “DEP Settings” tab for automated enrollment. Supported for iOS 17+ and macOS 14+.

The Service configuration file declaration is now supported in the DDM beta

We added support for a new Service configuration asset type that allows admins to configure and manage preferences for system services on macOS, such as sshd, sudo, bash, etc. To do this, admins must upload a zip archive with matching directory structure that contains the configured preference files.

Updates to Privacy Preferences profile October 17, 2023

Privacy Preferences profile updates

We added the following keys to the configurable access permissions:

  • Update or delete other applications
  • Access app data

New enrollment method: Account-driven enrollment October 2, 2023

New enrollment method added

SimpleMDM now supports account-driven enrollment as a method for enrolling devices. Devices can be enrolled by signing in via the Settings app using a Work or School account as an alternative to using traditional profile-based enrollment methods. Account-driven enrollment can be used for both device enrollment and user enrollment types. 

Declarative Device Management (DDM) Beta September 27, 2023

Beta announcement 

We added support for Declarative Device Management (DDM) and it is now available in Beta. The initial functionality will be available for macOS 14+ or iOS/iPadOS 17+ and includes:

  • The ability to turn on DDM protocol for devices 
  • Enabling DDM channel status reports 
  • The ability to install some profiles with DDM and/or migrate existing profiles to DDM

If you are interested in having DDM enabled on your SimpleMDM account for testing, you can fill out this form and our team will enable in within 5-7 business days.

New Shared App August 29, 2023

New Shared App added

We added AnyDesk to the Shared Apps directory.

SimpleMDM Status Page August 9, 2023

Status Page added

We now have a status page for SimpleMDM and the other PDQ products. Visit our status page and subscribe for updates at:

New Shared Apps August 7, 2023

New Shared Apps added

We added RubyMine, Blender, Miro, and Nextcloud to the Shared Apps directory.

Welcome screen enhancements, new Shared Apps July 26, 2023

New functionality added to the welcome screen feature

We added the ability to create a form and display it on the Welcome Screen during the enrollment process. The form fields are mapped to custom attributes, which allows the input from the user to be stored in the custom attributes once the form has been submitted and enrollment is complete. 

New Shared Apps added

We added ClickUp and Powershell to the Shared Apps directory.

Gatekeeper Policy profile added, new Shared Apps July 11, 2023

New profile added to admin interface

We added support for the "Gatekeeper Policy" profile in the SimpleMDM admin interface. This new profile enables admin to configure Gatekeeper settings on macOS, including force enabling Gatekeeper, allowing or disallowing identified developers, and disabling manual Gatekeeper override abilities.

New Shared Apps added

We added Todoist, Webex, and Wrike to the Shared Apps directory.

FileVault profile updates July 3, 2023

ForceEnableInSetupAssistant key added

We added the "Force FileVault to be enabled in Setup Assistant" option to the FileVault profile. This allows admin to force end-users to enable FileVault during Setup Assistant, ensuring encryption is enabled before reaching the home screen. Requires macOS 14+ and Automated Device Enrollment.

"Set Time Zone" command added, API updates June 29, 2023

New device action added

We added the "Set Time Zone" command to the Actions menu for supervised iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS 14+ devices, allowing admins to update the time zone on supported devices.

Install OS update options

We added the version_type argument to the Update OS API to match what is available in the SimpleMDM admin interface, allowing admins to choose between latest_minor_version and latest_major_version as options.

Update Munki PkgInfo via API

We added the ability for admin to customize PkgInfo for Munki apps via the API.

New feature: Auto Attributes June 28, 2023

Save script outputs in a custom attribute

Admins can now run a script and save the output/device response in a custom attribute. This enables admins to query devices for information beyond the scope of the MDM protocol. Once stored, these custom attribute values will be visible on device records and in the Device Inventory report export (CSV).

Return to Service support added, custom icons for SimpleMDM Munki, updates to Restrictions profile  June 27, 2023

New for iOS, iPad OS 17: Return to Service 

We added support for the "Return to Service option on iOS and iPadOS 17+ devices when sending a Wipe command. This option enables admin to select an assigned Wi-Fi profile, allowing the device to automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi after the wipe and proceed through setup without requiring user interaction.

Upload custom icons for custom apps & NoPkgs

We added the ability to upload custom icons for custom apps & NoPkgs deployed using our hosted Munki integration. Once enabled, the Managed Software Center shows the uploaded custom icon.

Restrictions profile update

We added several new keys and/or updated them for macOS 14 and iOS 17.

"Run script" action added  June 12, 2023

New device action added

We added the “Run Script” action to the Device Actions menu. Selecting this will automatically populate the target device when creating the script job. 

Printing profile added  June 6, 2023

New profile added to admin interface

We added support for Apple's "Printing" profile in the SimpleMDM admin interface. This new profile enables administrators to configure printing settings and preferences on macOS devices.

New user role permission set added  May 30, 2023

"No Access" permission set added

We added a new user role permission set called "No Access" that can be assigned to user accounts, allowing their creation without permitting the user to view any information within the account. This enables existing admin users to manage access by assigning a different user role or revoking the newly created user account. This role can be particularly useful as the initial user role for SAML SSO accounts where sign-in access is not being scoped on the identity provider's side.

Updates to Restrictions profile, export devices CSV May 25, 2023

Restrictions profile update

We added the "Allow password sharing' key to the Restrictions profile.

Column added to device inventory export

We added a new column called 'Last Seen IP' to the device inventory export.

Bluetooth commands added to API  May 18, 2023

Enable & disable Bluetooth on devices via API

The “Enable Bluetooth” and “Disable Bluetooth” commands can now be sent to devices via the API.

Profile updates, device details added  May 9, 2023

System Extensions Policy profile update

We added the option to mark extensions as removable using the RemovableSystemExtensions key.

Software Update Policy for iOS profile update

We added an option to the Software Update Policy for iOS profile to schedule software update commands based on hours within a specific time zone or the time zone currently set on the device.

Time zone added to Device Details

A device's time zone is now reported within the Device Details section.

Schedule Script Jobs
April 26, 2023

Schedule Script Jobs

We added an option to schedule script jobs from the SimpleMDM admin interface. Schedule scripts to run immediately, at a specific date or time in the future, or recurringly.

Reinstall SimpleMDM Munki April 13, 2023

New device action added

We added an option to "Reinstall SimpleMDM Munki' to the Actions dropdown for macOS devices using our hosted Munki integration. This will run an uninstaller and then reinstall Munki on the selected device.

Profiles and Custom Profiles API update March 2, 2023

Profiles and Custom Profiles API updates

We added the ability to query by profile name using the "search={{name}}" param to the Profiles and Custom Profiles API endpoint. 

macOS profiles update February 21, 2023

macOS profiles update

We added the option to "Re-install profiles automatically after macOS software updates are detected" to configuration profiles supported on macOS. This allows admins to choose whether specific profiles should be re-pushed after an OS update is detected. 

Web Content Filter profile updates, API updates February 14, 2023

Web Content Filter profile updates

We added the “Custom Data” field to the Web Content Filter profile.

API updates

“Set auto-admin password” and “rotate auto-admin password” commands have been added to the API. 

NoPkg support added to SimpleMDM Munki integration, device search improvements – February 9, 2023

NoPkg support added

We added NoPkg support to the SimpleMDM Munki integration. NoPkgs are PkgInfo files that can be deployed via Munki without an associated PKG or DMG.

NoPkgs are frequently used to:

  • Provide self-service scripts to end-users within the Managed Software Center
  • Automatically run scripts and check for changes in the installed state to determine if they need to be run again

A few example use cases for NoPkgs:

  • Allowing end-users to install printers as needed
  • Keeping the computer hostname in sync with other systems
  • Automatically forcing a log out or restart
  • Controlling SSH access

For more information on NoPkgs, see the official feature documentation in our Knowledge Base.

Device search improvements

We improved device search capabilities, so now devices with multiple phone numbers associated to them will appear in search results for either phone number. 

Auto-admin password management – January 26, 2023

Auto-admin password management

We updated auto-admin password management, so now for any device with an auto-admin account created by SimpleMDM the password can be reset or rotated. This was previously tied to the “Store admin password for device in SimpleMDM” option in the DEP Settings

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