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Welcome to SimpleMDM!

We're glad to have you aboard. Our goal is to provide an outstanding product and service so that your Apple mobile device management (MDM) experience is successful.

If you're new to the Apple MDM ecosystem, we strongly recommend reading the articles in this section. Apple has many different programs that can assist you in a successful deployment. Learning and implementing them sooner than later will reduce the chance of having to make time-consuming changes down the road. For this reason, it's important to familiarize yourself with them now. They can be daunting to tackle all at once, so we'll break them down and help you decide what you need.

If you're already familiar with programs like the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), and features like supervision, feel free to skip ahead.

If at any point you have questions, please reach out to our support team. We are here to help and want to ensure your needs are addressed.

Next Steps

This guide will walk you through the decision-making process and explain the underlying concepts for the following:

  1. Determine whether you will need device supervision privileges.
  2. Select the enrollment method that best fits your feature requirements and deployment workflow.
  3. Plan your organization's app deployment strategy.
  4. Choose whether or not to use Apple IDs in your deployment.

If you already have a strong grasp of the concepts of MDM and related topics and would prefer to get started with your deployment immediately, feel free to refer to our quick-start guide here.

Still have a question or want to share what you have learned? Visit our to get help and collaborate with others.