SimpleMDM Mobile App

The SimpleMDM mobile app is an iOS app that is, by default, installed to mobile devices when they enroll. The SimpleMDM mobile app is an additional tool outside of MDM that allows you to:

  1. Track the current and historic location of a device while in normal operating mode.
  2. Send administrative push messages to the device.

The SimpleMDM mobile app is not required and can optionally be uninstalled or disabled without any loss of functionality except for the features listed above.

For more information on the location tracking feature, please refer to the Location Tracking article.

Common Questions

Q: When I enroll a device, the SimpleMDM app tries to install and I'm prompted for an Apple ID. How do I disable this?

The SimpleMDM mobile app is an Apple App Store app. All app store apps require either an Apple ID or a VPP license before they will install, even for free apps.

If you would like to use the SimpleMDM mobile app, we suggest "purchasing" free Apple VPP licenses for the SimpleMDM app through an Apple VPP account. This will allow the app to install without prompting the user for an Apple ID. For more information on Apple VPP, please refer the Managing App Licenses article.

If you do not want to use the SimpleMDM mobile app, you can remove devices and device groups from the SimpleMDM app group. Click "Apps" on the left hand side of the screen, then the "Assignment" tab, locate the SimpleMDM mobile app group and remove all device groups.

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