Use custom supervision identity

SimpleMDM allows custom supervision identities to be used for DEP-enrolled devices to allow them to pair with Apple Configurator on specific computers.

Note: This is different than enabling Supervised mode on devices - if you are looking for guidance on iOS Supervised mode, see this article.

To use a custom supervision identity with SimpleMDM:

  1. Export the supervision identity from Apple Configurator and save it to your computer (should be a '.p12' format).
  2. In SimpleMDM, navigate to Configs > Certificates and click 'Add Certificate'.
  3. Upload the supervision identity file.
  4. Navigate to Devices > Enrollments
  5. Click the Automated Enrollment object/server name.
  6. Click the 'DEP Settings' tab.
  7. Locate the field labeled 'Allow pairing with these supervision identities' and check the box next to the name of the certificate you just uploaded, then click save.
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