Managed App Configurations

Managed app configurations allow you to specify a configuration file that is provided when an app is pushed to a device. This is useful for apps that support this functionality, as it allows you to preconfigure account settings or preferences for an app without having to touch the device itself.

Managed app configurations are edited on a per-app basis. To make changes, click on the name of an app in your App Catalog and then click the "Managed Configuration" tab.

Using Variables

As configurations often must vary between devices, we've included variable support. Instead of specifying a fixed value in the configuration that will be shared with all of your devices, you may instead specify a variable that will be replaced with a device-specific value when the app is deployed.

A complete list of supported variables is available on the managed configuration page.

Entering Array Values

Managed app configurations can include array-type values. Array values should be provided in a comma separated format. String arrays should be provided as comma separated double quoted values.

Integer array example:


String array example:

"first string","second","the third string"
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