Device name vs. SimpleMDM name - what's the difference?

In SimpleMDM there are two different names for each device. There's the SimpleMDM name and the device name.

SimpleMDM name: This is the name used to represent a device in SimpleMDM. This name is seen only by the SimpleMDM administrator. This is the name seen when in the device listing view. When devices are first enrolled, the SimpleMDM name is set to be the same as the device name, assuming the name hasn't already been taken by another device.

This name can be edited from the "Settings tab" of the Device Details page.

It is also possible to automatically format this name for newly enrolled devices. To do this, go to Devices > Enrollments, click the 'Settings' tab, then edit the "New device name format" field. This field also supports custom attributes.

Device name: This is the name that appears on the device itself. It can be viewed from the Info tab of the Device Details page. For supervised devices, the SimpleMDM administrator is able to edit this name remotely by clicking the pencil icon next to the "Name" field under the Device Details section.

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