Adding Users & Roles


SimpleMDM allows more than one individual in your organization to manage your SimpleMDM account. Inviting additional users to your account is easy.

To add an administrator to your account:

  1. Within SimpleMDM, click "Settings" on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the "Users" sub-menu option below "Settings".
  3. Enter the email address of the user you'd like to add, select an appropriate user role, and click "Invite User".

Upon completing these steps, SimpleMDM will send an invitation to the email address specified. The individual will have the option to create a SimpleMDM login and will have shared access to your SimpleMDM account.

User Roles

Your company may require different permission levels for different SimpleMDM users. The User roles feature allows you to create roles with different permissions that are specific to your organizational needs.

The User Roles interface is accessible from the Users management screen, as referenced in the above section.

Advanced Security Options

SimpleMDM offers two advanced security options for User authentication.

Require Two-Factor Authentication

Administrators of a SimpleMDM account can require that all users accessing the administrator interface have two-factor authentication enabled. If they do not, they will be prompted to enable it before accessing the account.

SAML Authentication

Your company can utilize a third party identity provider (IdP) such as OneLogin, Okta, or PingIdentity to grant access to the SimpleMDM administrator interface. SimpleMDM supports Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning and Single Logout functionality to streamline administrative efforts and increase security.
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