Custom PkgInfo for Munki apps

This article explains how to edit the PkgInfo for software deployed via SimpleMDM's Munki integration.

Enable Custom PkgInfo for an App in the Catalog:

  1. Go to App & Media > Catalog.
  2. Click the app name.
  3. Click the "Munki" tab.
  4. Click "Use custom PkgInfo".

Editing the PkgInfo:

There are two ways to edit the PkgInfo for an app.

Option 1. Upload your own PkgInfo file

  1. Click "Choose File".
  2. Follow the prompts to upload your own PkgInfo file.

Option 2. Edit the existing PkgInfo file.

  1. Edit the XML directly within the interface.

Once you are done uploading or editing the PkgInfo, click Save to save your changes.

Enabling custom attribute support:

To enable custom attribute processing for custom PkgInfo files, check the box labeled "Enable attribute support".


Some PkgInfo file keys will be automatically set/overwritten in order to ensure the functionality of the app installation/update. Currently, the following keys get set automatically:

  • catalogs
  • PackageCompleteURL
  • unattended_install
  • installer_item_hash
  • installer_item_size
  • installer_item_location
  • installer_type
  • bundle_identifier

For more information on what PkgInfo keys are supported and how to use PkgInfo files, see the official Munki documentation:

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