Can I upgrade a device to the latest version of iOS?

For iOS 10.3 and later and tvOS 12.0+, all supervised devices are eligible for software update management. In order to push iOS (or tvOS, where applicable) updates to devices, Apple requires that the following is true:

  1. Device has iOS Supervised Mode enabled.
  2. Device has detected that an iOS update is available for it in the App Store.
  3. Device has sufficient battery life available (at least 50%), or is plugged in to a power source.
  4. Device is connected to WiFi.
  5. Device does not have a passcode present.
  6. Device has enough storage capacity to install the update.

For devices that are currently running a version of iOS prior to 10.3, the device must also have been enrolled in MDM via Apple DEP.

There are three ways to initiate an update:

  1. To upgrade a single device, click on the device to go to the device details screen. Next to the OS version display, there will be a button available, allowing you to update the iOS version. If no button is available, the device does not meet the requirements above.
  2. To upgrade multiple devices at once, go to the devices listing. Select the devices you'd like to upgrade and then, from the drop down menu in the upper right, select the option to update iOS version.
  3. Use an iOS Auto Update Policy profile. This profile allows you to schedule particular time ranges during which devices will check for available iOS updates and download/install them if possible. This profile can be created under Configs > Profiles in the admin interface.

The update command will be sent to your device(s) and the device(s) will update shortly.

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