Device Groups

Device groups are what link devices to configurations, restrictions, passcode settings, and apps.

Organizations typically create device groups to cluster together devices with similar purposes. For instance, an organization may create device groups based departments, such as "Customer Service", "Sales" and "Marketing". Another organization may create device groups based on office locations, like "Chicago Office", "San Francisco Office", and "New York Office".

Device groups are powerful because they allow sharing configurations across devices. Devices can enroll directly to any device group. They can also be moved between device groups, causing their configurations, restrictions, and apps to also update.

Managing Device Groups

Device groups are visible from the Devices page. Device groups appear in alphabetical order with any enrolled devices appearing below them.

To create a new device group, click the Create Group button in the upper left of the screen.

To edit a device group, click the edit link that appears to the right of the device group name. Doing so will present the Device Group Details screen.

Moving Devices Between Groups

When a device is moved to a new device group, its configuration is automatically updated. A device can be moved to a new device group many ways, including:

  1. In the Devices view, select multiple devices and click the multiple selected action button in the upper right. Select Assign to Group.
  2. In the Device Details view, click the Settings tab, select the new group, and click Save.
  3. Using the SimpleMDM API.
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