Warning: "This macOS device is enrolled but a macOS user account has not (yet) registered."

SimpleMDM may display the following message on the Device Details screen:

This macOS device is enrolled but a macOS user account has not (yet) registered.
When a macOS device is managed by MDM, there are two channels through which applications and configurations can be deployed: the user channel and the device channel. Apps and profiles deployed via the user channel will only install to local user accounts that have registered with MDM, whereas deploying via the device (or system) channel will install for all local users.
This message indicates that a local user account on the device has not registered with SimpleMDM. If a local account has not registered, user channel installations cannot occur. This can happen for a number of reasons:
  1. The device is in the process of enrolling and has not completed enrollment
  2. A standard, non-administrator macOS user enrolled
  3. A mobile macOS user (via Open Directory or other network directory) enrolled
  4. The device is already enrolled to an MDM under a different local user account
To resolve this, verify that the device is being enrolled with a local administrator macOS user account and is not already enrolled under a different macOS user account.
Note: if you are only deploying apps and profiles via the device channel, this warning won't have any impact on the deployment. SimpleMDM allows you to select which channel you would like to deploy custom configurations, VPP apps, and macOS PKGs. Below are the instructions to change the deployment channel.
Custom Configuration Profiles: go to Configs > Profiles, click the profile name, then check/uncheck the box labeled "For macOS devices, deploy as a device profile instead of a user profile" as needed.
Apple VPP Apps: go to Apps > VPP, click the 'Settings' tab, then select the preferred channel from the dropdown labeled "Install macOS VPP apps using this MDM channel".
macOS PKGs: go to Apps > Catalog, click the package name, then check/uncheck the box labeled "Device level installation" as needed.
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